CollageIt for Mac - Getting Started Tutorial

1. Open CollageIt

Launch CollageIt for Mac and get started making your collage.

2. Choose a Template



Choose a template from the 4 different styles of templates: MosaicGridCenter and Pile, which covers 30+ templates in total.

3. Add Photos

Click button to browse and select the photos you want to add.

4. Make Collage Settings

Switch to Layout tab and make Layout settings in the right panel.



Choose one collage layout among the 4 predesigned styles including Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile.
Set various parameters like Row, Column, Space, Margin, etc. to change the layout of collage.


Click the  button to switch to photo tab. You can make photo settings like Border and Shadow for your photos here.


Click the  button to switch to page tab, and make page settings like Size and Background.

5. Customize Your Collage

You can click Random Layout to get a different collage layout in the same style.

Click Shuffle to randomly reorder the photos into other frames in the layout.

Click New Text toolbar button to add text into the collage, then you can edit your text in the inspector on the right.

6. Export Your Collage

Click Export toolbar button to make export settings (Format, Quality, etc.) and export your collage as image, PDF, set as wallpaper or share via E-mail.



Or you can click Print toolbar button to print the collage directly.