CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac - Getting Started Tutorial

1. Open CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac

Launch CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac and get started to make collage.

2. Choose a Template

Choose a template from 4 styles of templates: Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile, including 45+ brand new templates in total.

3. Add Photos

Click button to select photos and add in collage.

4. Personalize Layout

Click button to personalize Layout settings on the right panel.

Choose a collage layout from 4 styles including Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile.

Set various parameters such as Photo, Rotate, Sparse, Space, etc. to change the layout of collage.

Click Random Layout to get different collage layouts in the same style.

Click Shuffle to randomly rearrange photos in the layout.

Click Free Mode to move, resize, and rotate each photo manually with the mouse.

Clickon the floating toolbar to rotate photo by 90 degrees anti-clockwise; clickto rotate photo by 90 degrees clockwise.

Clickto crop and zoom on photo to make it fit well in the frame.

Clickandto adjust layers – bring photo to front and send it to back.

Clickto delete photo object.

5. Personalize Photos

Click to personalize photo settings like Border, Shadow and Image Effect for your photos.

Set border Color and Width for your photos at will.

Grab the Corner slider to create borders of round corners.

Check Shadow to customize shadow settings like Color, Blur etc.

Click any image effect to beautify your photos. Click Original to remove Image Effect.

6. Personalize Page

Click to personalize page settings like Size and Background.

Click Size combo box to choose the collage size you need. Click Manage Custom Size… to customize your collage size and DPI.

Click Color tab to fill the background with specified color. The color fill type can be set as Solid Fill, Gradient (Top to Bottom), Gradient (Left to Right).

Click Pattern tab to choose a preset pattern as background.

Click Image tab to upload your own image as background. You can set the customized image as Tile, Stretch, or Fill Collage.

7. Add and Edit Text

Click Text toolbar button to add text in the collage, and edit common settings of the text on Common tab.

Apply text effects – Stroke, Glow, Background on Effect tab.

8. Export and Share Collage

Click Export toolbar button to export your collage as picture/PDF, set as desktop wallpaper or send as E-mail.

Click Facebook toolbar button to share collage directly on Facebook.

Click Print toolbar button to print collage directly.